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PartyNextDoor drops his highly anticipated "P3" album, are you here for it?

PartyNextDoor drops his highly anticipated "P3" album, are you here for it?

So here we are. PartyNextDoor released his third studio album P3. (Frank Ocean where are you?!) 

Even though the album was released on August 12th, It took me some time to dissect what I wanted to talk about. Especially since his social media storm in late march involving Kehlani and Kyrie Irving ( if you haven't heard, google it- it's intense). Kehlani being one of favorite artist at the moment, her attempted suicide and relationship with PartyNextDoor was pretty confusing and I backed off of him for a moment. But his musical talents can not go unnoticed. I have been a fan of Party since his first EP that dropped in 2013, first song I ever heard was " Wus Good/Curious" then followed by his hit featuring Drake "Over Here" that let you know he was an OVO member. 

This being PartyNextDoor's third album, I feel there is a lot of pressure behind this one. When your boss is Drake, one of the top selling artist in the world right now, It can be pretty easy to become a carbon copy or get lost in the sauce. They both share the same producers and work closely on the same songs. You can tell they both have been heavily dancehall influenced , PND has a track on his album called "Not Nice" that screams Caribbean influence. So where does he fit in? This is where this album confused me. He has been very vocal about love, sex, and feelings in his music and that didn't slow down on this album either. But the direction he took was intriguing, definitely not like his other albums. The sounds were very ... raw I guess you could say....some kind of R&B genre blending. I actually love some of the songs on the album (which I will list later on) but then there are some I just can't get with and I am not sure why.

All in all I believe he wanted to stand out and not sound like a Drake and The Weeknd mashup. Which worked, I think, But I am not sure if I am here for it just yet. Maybe is just my music preferences or maybe I am still salty because Frank Ocean is playing with my emotions. Who knows... anyway, enjoy.

* Although my link would not attach to this site, the album is available on Spotify and iTunes

Top 5 Songs:

  1. Brown Skin
  2. Not Nice
  3. Only U
  4. Don't Know How
  5. Transparency
Frank Ocean's album is here! Everyone remain calm.... AHHHH!

Frank Ocean's album is here! Everyone remain calm.... AHHHH!

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