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Artist to watch in 2017

Artist to watch in 2017

So it's January and we are browsing through Spotify trying to figure out which artist will win our hearts in 2017. Last year was a big year for music with Frank Ocean making an incredible comeback, Beyonce being...well... Beyonce, Solange shocking the world, Kanye West and Chance The Rapper giving us vibes and much more, who do we predict will steal the show this year? 

* In no particular order, here's my personal predictions based on their recent success.

Kehlani SweetSexySavage

Kehlani had a pretty huge year with new music, scandals and even a reported suicide attempt. With the world awaiting her next move, Kehlani is bringing her first debut album "SweetSexySavage", and headlining her first tour all in the month of January. I've been a fan and I'm ready to see what Kehlani is bringing to the table. 


SZA is no newbie to the game, she's been on a music high since 2013 and with TopDawgEnt on her side she can't fail. One of my favorite voices in the game right now because its so smooth and unique, with her new album "CRTL" dropping early February and her new song "Drew Barrymore" moving up the charts, I can't wait to see what dope visuals she will bring and I honestly can just stare at her all day.

6LACK, Free 6LACK 

I still do not know how to say this artists name but thank god this is text and not a video or I would be screwed. I recently ran across this guys music a few weeks ago and even though his album "Free 6LACK" came out November last year, he is now getting some recognition on the radio stations and his concerts are in full effect. 6LACK is a 24 year old artist from Atlanta and is not new to music but new to the fame. With big artist like The Weeknd backing him on his tours, I know we will hear more from this artist soon.


Ro James is turning into a personal favorite for me, his album came out summer last year, but honestly with all the heavy hitters dropping albums around that time he got lost in the sauce. But I found him guys, its okay he's safe with me. His voice reminds me of a late 90's artist, I could of seen him with the likes of Donnell Jones or D' Angelo or even Musiq Soulchild ( yup I said it). Ro James is starting his tour in February with Revolt and I don't know if I am ready to share him with the world yet.

A Boogie wit da Hoodie

Of course I had to post some trap music in here, 2017 wouldn't be right without it! This man here is a hustler. I say that because I know majority of his songs but never knew it was him. I always heard him say his name but never knew it was his ACTUAL artist name. Last year this artist went viral with his hit "My Shit" and I believe he dropped an album as well but he has so many songs and music videos, who knows. My current fav is "Timeless" and it's my go to song when I am at the gym. A Boogie wit da Hoodie always gets me hype. 

Dreezy, No Hard Feelings

Dreezy is growing on me. I have a soft spot for artist coming from Chicago, I know the hustle was real. Dreezy has been on the scene since 2014. With her recent debut album "No Hard Feelings" featuring top hip hop artist such as Wale, Gucci Mane and Jeremih, she's making a permanent name for herself as a female rap artist(which is not an easy title to hold).

Dave East, Kairi Chanel

This man falls into my hustler category as well. I actually do not know much of his music but after I saw him on a recent episode of Being Mary Jane, I started to research his music more. This man has BARS! He has charisma, he has a following and he's kinda cute. Dave East comes from Harlem. New York and starting his career in 2010 but didn't make waves in the music industry until last year. Listening to his newest album "Kairi Chanel" I can tell his rhymes are street,hardcore and he has a natural edge that the rap game is missing since Dipset left the scene.

Migos, Culture

It wouldn't be right if I didn't end the list with the win of 2016. Migos! Their new album "Culture" just dropped yesterday and even if your not a Migos fan, you still have to give them credit where credit is due. "Bad and Boujee" has over 150 MILLION views and YouTube, one of the most streamed songs on Spotify, and got major props from actor/artist Donald Glover who called it " the best song ever" during his acceptance speech at the Golden Globes last month. Migos has created making catchy hits since 2009 and I am happy for their glow up and I hope they take full advantage of this new found fame. 

Feel I missed anyone? Let me know! Comment your favorites for 2017- or even your own music!

My first Vlog!!!

My first Vlog!!!

Ella Mai drops tropical visuals for " Lay Up"

Ella Mai drops tropical visuals for " Lay Up"