Why you pursue something is as important as what you pursue.

Welcome to my blog M & M! Focusing on my two loves: music and modeling. 

Kiara Ailene Pace

Yup that's me ! Am I wack for using a "That So Raven" theme song reference ? Its okay I'll take it :) I feel like every blog needs a good ol' "about me" section. Just so you know, you can decide if you wanna read it or not. No harm if you don't, but you're going to miss out. On what you might ask? Well.... EVERYTHING. Honestly this blog here will have no direction what so ever. My mind is constantly racing, thinking, visualizing, exploring, and I can not control half of my thoughts nor would I want to. I love the way I think and my feelings even if they get the best of me sometimes. I wouldn't be me without them. So in this blog you will see everything from my day to day life, the good and the bad, fashion, things/places I love, thoughts I would like to share. Just everything. Success isn't only career based but also life based. You win on a day to day basis when you grow and learn more about yourself. Lets share our success together. <3


Wheels Up! Off to Chicago!

"WITHSTAND" By Djimi Williams for VULKAN Magazine

"WITHSTAND" By Djimi Williams for VULKAN Magazine