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My first time in California!

My first time in California!

First trip ever to the west side. You know I had to blog it.

Last week a few of my friends and me took a trip to LA for the annual Camp Flog Gnaw festival created by Tyler The Creator. Being that it was my first time in LA I could write for DAYS about the experience and how amazing I think LA is, but for attention span purposes I will keep this sort and sweet.  

Day 1- Shopping

We arrived in LA around 10:00 am. The change in time zones fucked with us...HARD. But determined to make the most out of our first day we went shopping...or window shopping I guess, we only found food- but in our defense Los Angeles style is extremely different from New York. We went to three different areas: Westfield Mall, Beverly Hills, and The Grove, before you say anything... we knew we weren't buying ANYTHING in Beverly Hills. We just wanted to stare at stuff :). All three were different and very far from each other ( Uber rides were about 60 % of our trip). 

Pros of the day: Every CVS sold liquor *praises to the most high* 

Cons of the day: Time zones are a bitch, I'm still tired. Bruh, why is LA so spread out?! Luckily Uber in LA is way cheaper than NY. Oh and the Hollywood Walk of Fame... reminded us of Times Square but spread out..gross.

Day 2- Venice Beach

We woke up super late this day(fucking time change) but were determined to take advantage of the beautiful weather and head to the beach. Venice beach! Venice was my favorite part. Being from Florida and the tourist attraction being Miami Beach (which is terrible guys, never go) Venice was a breath of fresh air. The people, the stores, the vibes, everyone was active, either walking or riding bikes or dancing or skateboarding, just so much movement in a positive way. The weather was perfect, the waves looked intense ( I didn't get in, I just got my hair done- black girl problems) but great for surfing.


Day 3- Camp Flog Gnaw Pt. 1

The main reason we came to California was to attend Camp Flog Gnaw, created by Tyler The Creator so you know it was insane. Huge two day carnival with food, games, rides, and amazing artists. It was PACKED, at least 2,000 people, but very controlled. I have been to a ton of concerts and festivals but I was really excited to see Chance the Rapper and Kehlani for the first time. 

Pros of the day: Domo Genesis, Sza ft  Isiah Rashad, The Internet, Chance The Rapper, Asap Rocky, Kehlani, Tyler The Creator- and food *praises to most high*

Cons of the day: Fuck, we were tired. 10 hours on our feet. LOTS of CHILDREN. 

Day 4 - Camp Flog Gnaw Pt. 2

After experiencing the first day, we were ready for day 2. We dressed accordingly, we actually didn't show up until later in the day, only people I really wanted to see was Anderson Paak ( I LOVE him!) and my spirit mama Erykah Badu. Food was lit, Drinks were... well festival drinks.. but my favorites put on a SHOW! 

Pros of the day: Anderson Paak! Amazing, Ms. Badu- voice of angels, Schoolboy Q did his thing as well.

Cons of the day: None really, we were just of course, tired AF.


Day 5- The Real Experience

So me being the crazy event planner I am, was able to sign us up for free audience tickets to The Real which is filmed in Warner Brother studios in Hollywood. I was so hype, this was actually our last day in LA and were cutting it close to our flight time but I really wanted to see how a talk show operated, always thought about having one of my own (similar to The Tyra show- but my version) and this would be the perfect experience. Overall the show was great, Monica was a guest as well as Will Packer( amazing film producer- look him up!). Walking through Warner Bros studio - seeing all the different shows and their studios really inspired me to bring back my television dreams and get back into acting. So watch out world! 

Pros of the day: The cast was beautiful and charismatic, they were a bit jet-lagged since they just got back from Paris for Adrienne Bailon's wedding. Also my friend watched the show and spotted me * TV cameo on fleek!* .



Cons of the day: We had to get up at 6:00 am to be there *lawd why?!*


Overall, Los Angeles was a beautiful, amazing experience and I am definitely thinking about moving there next once I finish my ties in New York. Lets see what the future will hold :) .


Wale drops " Black is GOLD" video and its GOLD.

Wale drops " Black is GOLD" video and its GOLD.

Before there was Bryson Tiller, there was Sy Ari Da Kid

Before there was Bryson Tiller, there was Sy Ari Da Kid